With meetings and events playing a more significant role in the business world, it’s important to select the right types of entertainment.

Here are some of the different types of corporate events, and the types of entertainment we suggest to make them a success.


While most people don’t think of business meetings as including entertainment, some companies choose to lighten the mood during lunch break. It will make the atmosphere more of a social one.

It will also enliven everyone before finishing out the second part of

the meeting.

Cocktail Parties: No two cocktail parties are the same, which is why

it’s important to tailor your entertainment to the mood of the party.

Large-scale parties with 50 or more people require large-scale entertainment such as a specialty group or a jazz quartet. For a smaller party where a more intimate mood is called for, a simple duo is suitable, perhaps one comprised of as piano and upright bass. You could also go the route of a singer with a guitarist ad pianist backing them.

Charitable Fundraisers: Often simpler than weddings, large-scale events such as fundraisers are where you really want to get the most for your money. For a gala event, go with a big band orchestra, the more pieces the better, during dinner and a string quartet during cocktails. For other types of fundraisers, such as in-store retail events, face painters, clowns, caricaturists, or even a

Dixieland Band really help set up a relaxed and jovial tone and create a welcoming environment.

Company Parties: The most popular type of employee party is the Holiday Party. For these annual events, a DJ or big band is the most appropriate depending on the size and location.

For something smaller, in a restaurant for example, a DJ would be best. For a large sit down dinner in a hotel, go for the glamour of a band. Another type of employee party is the summer BBQ. Something upbeat and festive like a calypso band is usually best for something like this.

Summer Lunches: Companies with outdoor areas often offer live music once a week during lunchtime for their employees to enjoy as they eat outside. In order to set yourself apart and create a relaxing atmosphere, try something simple and elegant, such as a violinist or a harpist.

Customer/Vendor Appreciation Events: These events are growing in popularity nowadays and since your customers are the core of your business, you want to create a truly memorable event for them to make them feel appreciated. To really make an impression, choose a theme and work with it. You can do a carnival theme with face painters, jugglers and clowns, and encourage them to bring their children.

Or try an Indian theme with belly dancers. Or maybe you’d prefer a Latin theme with a salsa band. The possibilities are endless.

Product Launch Parties: When you’re introducing a new product to the market, you want to be sure to do it with style and flair. If it’s a “club” type atmosphere you are seeking, you’ll want a DJ. Interview him or her first, and make sure they know how to read the crowd well and keep a party going. For a more elegant atmosphere, a simple jazz duo or trio is best.