Wedding Entertainment Ideas IndianapolisYou have landed here because you were searching for Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas Indianapolis Indiana or Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas Indianapolis Indiana?

  • You are looking for something a bit different from the norm.

  • You want something that none of your friends have done before.

  • It has to be appealing to all the guests.

  • Must be flexible enough to fit in with our Wedding.

  • It must be unique and interesting to your guests.

If you answered Yes to more than 3 of these statements then you are in the right place! If you are looking for wedding reception entertainment ideas Indianapolis Indiana a Strolling Magician is a brilliant idea!

There are 3 main times in during this special day that a great strolling walk around magician would be perfect.

During the photos is the most popular choice, The strolling magician would normally be waitingMIY Wedding Entertainment Ideas Indianapolis, IN at the wedding reception venue for your return from the service. There is normally a few hours between your arrival and sitting down for the wedding breakfast. The strolling magician would mingle between all your guests during the photos and entertain them with some amazing close up magic.

The second most popular choice for a strolling magician to perform is during the wedding breakfast. This can either start at the beginning of the wedding breakfast or be a continuation from the photos. The strolling magician would perform a unique routine to each table last between 5-10 minutes. Depending on the amount of guests and tables will determine how long this will take.

During the Evening Celebrations

Wedding Entertainment Ideas Indianapolis, IN MIYThe third most popular choice is during the evening celebrations – this isn’t to say that it is by any means a lesser performance! Most weddings will have a band and a disco and performing magic as the volume increases becomes gradually more difficult. Depending on the size of your venue and the time of year (if guests can go outside) close up magic during the evening celebrations can be a great time to perform. If a magician is not for you then feel free to give us a call as we can always some other type of wedding entertainment ideas Indianapolis Indiana – as we at MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis have seen just about everything in our time and could recommend some other services that would be perfect for your special day.


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