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4 Questions you should ask When Hiring a Magician Indianapolis to your Event.


1. Do you specialize in corporate events as a Magician Indianapolis?

You want aspecialist in the corporate entertainment market. You need someone that understands the unique demands of your event and what is expected at a corporate program! Avoid club entertainers that make a living performing “R-Rated” material. It’s not corporate appropriate, and not worth the risk of somebodygetting offended at your event.

2. As a Magician Indianapolis,

How many years perhaps you haveworked corporate events? It should be at least five years. That will probably eliminate about 65% of your options. This is a prudent approach toprotect yourself from disappointment.

3. Do they have any testimonials as a Magician Indianapolis?

That canprobably eliminate another 10%, but better you find out the bad news now than with a room full of your peers. Ask your prospective corporate entertainer to send you at least a dozen testimonial letters from satisfied CORPORATE clients. Serious! If they don’t have that, they probably don’t work many corporate events and don’t have numerousenthusiastic clients either.

4. What's thenature of their show? Does it include appropriate content? Music? Proven materials?
Just like with anything you purchase, you want to know exactly what you are getting so you are not surprised later.

3 Questions You MustAnswer:

1. Are you comfortable withthe corporate entertainer as a performer?
You want to know about this person that will be representing you and your organization. You don’t need to find outevery little personal detail, but you should know them enough to ensuretheir behavior at your event will likely beimpeccable.

2. Do you trust the entertainer to deliver 100%?For those who havea little voice in your head warning you, now is the timeto listen. Don’t wait untillater when it is too late to change your mind.

3. Are they professional?
Do they return phone calls promptly? Do they ask relevant questions onyour event? Would theyseem experienced inthe sort ofevent you are planning?

Whatever youhave experienced so far is an indication of what you can expect in the future. Should they havebeen slow to respond, excuse prone, or seem unprofessional, I would run as far away as you can!


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