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We have all had moments when we were stuck in figuring out what we can do to have the best birthday party for our children. I can speak for myself when my kids were growing up I actually decided to give up even trying. I grew up in a very close neighborhood in Indianapolis and parties is just what we did but I noticed that everything was simple. Nothing was original. A lot of the times the reason for it not being original or didn’t have much thought into it is because of money.

A lot of people think that in order to have a different type of party you must spend a lot  money and that is far from the truth. Today you will learn the 5 Birthday party ideas for children ages 6-12 that will save you both time and money.

  1. The Circus Magic Party! This type of party is so much fun and you can go in so many different directions in order to pull this off. The money saving part happens when you think about how many people you plan to invite to this party. Having a guest list of 15 Is perfect. Preparing things like popcorn, peanut boxes, cookies and cupcakes. These are things that can be made at home or with the help of your family. For the food ideas you can create the easiest meal that we all love when we go to carnivals and fairs and that’s hot dogs and burgers. Decorating can be very fun as well, and it is as simple as heading to the dollar store. They always have very nice themed decor for all parties Last but not least don’t forget to hire a Magician and a face painter to set and top off this amazing birthday party idea. You have saved money with food and entertainment.

2. The Summer Fun Camp Party! If you are into camping this is beyond perfect for you. But what makes this even better is that you can do this in the comforts of your own home or back yard. Save money by limiting your guest list for this party. Have your guest bring sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. Have some simple activities going on during the party such as coloring, candle making and trail mix making. Add a Magician or a Face painter and you have the perfect event for your 6-12 year old birthday party

3. The “Suite Party! This party is the best ever and will have every child talking about this event for years to come. Book a room at a hotel that only provide suites. Places like Staybridge Suites, Embassy Suites or even TownPlace Suites. Save money by limiting your guest list. Have your guest come to spend the night in a suite. While eating pizza and playing games have a face painter come in and paint the faces of your guest

4. The Pajama Jam Party! This party can be done at any home or apartment. The money saver happens when you have this event overnight.  Have the guest come to spend the night and bring their best pair of pajamas to wear, tell them to bring a sleeping bag and you have the perfect party. You won’t have to provide much dinner because the timing is later than normal so just stock up on popcorn and small snacks.Have a face painter come in to paint faces before bed and make sure to have your movies and music ready and celebrate the birthday child until everyone goes to sleep

5. Ice cream birthday! Who doesn’t like ice cream? This is so much fun. Plan for at least 10 kids to come to your home or location and have an ice cream party. Yes Cake is good but what’s even better to have your own ice cream parlor in your home. Have toppings for them to create sundaes, you can even have different types of cones for them to fill. Turn your ice cream birthday party into an experience. Once things have settled down bring in a ballon twister, a face painter or even a Magician to add that spark

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If you are looking for some creative and out-the-box birthday party ideas for any Indianapolis Indiana child ages 6-12 look no further.