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Oh the joys of daycares.I mean let’s be real back In my day all we did was drop and pick up. We never thought about what happens in that day while they are there. And even childcare providers didn’t do much but make sure they were safe. Wouldn’t it be nice to have things that are different going on in your child daycare or at your daycare? Something the kids can look forward to and experience? It doesn’t always have to be color and nap time. Let’s think out side of the box and give you some ideas that will change the life of your children and your staff at you daycare.

Here are 5 entertainment Ideas for day cares In Indianapolis

  1. Have a Magician from Indianapolis come and wow your day care kids: Who doesn’t love Magic? Who doesn’t like a magic show and most of all an up close and personal one just for your daycare.This is a very fun way for the daycare to involve all the kids no matter the age. Every age will enjoy the Magician. The key is to divide your daycare children into groups and have the magician come and perform 2 shows! One that is catered to the younger kids and another catered to the older kids. This will allow the kids to see the magician up close and personal. Get ready to the endless smiles.

2. Face painting day with a face painter from Indianapolis: These parties are so much fun. Have all your kids get ready for an exciting face painting party and watch them go wild. Set things up by ages and let the face painter know. Once there is a place for things to get set up the kids can start to create the line that has a lot of fun waiting for them. Use this for a fun day Friday and you have the perfect day.

3. Ballon twist party: These are so exciting. Hire a ballon twister to come in and create magical ballon art from swords for boys and flowers for girls. You can also have the ballon twister create the same thing for everyone so that no child is upset about getting something different.

4. The Fun Music Party: Hire a youth DJ to come and have a dance party with the kids at your daycare. They can play music games such as musical chairs, name that song, or dance contest. You can make it a family event by getting the families together on a Friday evening and have them all come back for a fun night of DJ, face-painting and dance.

5. Music Magic and face-paint Party: What better way to have some daycare fun but to bring all three to the kids. Use this day to make the kids smile harder than ever. Have a small Magic show for the kids, followed by a few hours a faceprinting all while the DJ is playing the latest music and playing games.What better way to end the week or start the week at your daycare.

For more information on ideas for your Indianapolis daycare please visit: www,entertainmentagencyindy.com

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If you are a Daycare director or coordinator in Indianapolis or surrounding areas this information will help you choose the perfect entertainer for your children.