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When was the first time you got your face painted? I can remember being in my local mall and it must’ve been something going on because it was packed with so many people, different booths in the hallway and every kid friendly activity you can imagine. I remember getting a full faces butterfly and feeling amazing as a child. I longed for that again but it was years later until I was able to have that done again. The truth is Face-painting can work for so many different events. Here are the 5 ways to use a face painter for any event.

  1. Children’s Birthday Party: Of course this would be the highlight of the party! Having a face painter would set any Indianapolis birthday party off no matter what age of the child is. The children love to imagine. You could be a super hero or a princess. The face painter knows how to make the kids dreams come true.

2. Company family event: A lot of times companies have events for the staff and usually that means the families are invited as well. Things like company picnics, holiday events, or sometimes appreciation for families. This is the perfect event for a face painter, the families are happy and so are the children.

3. Family Reunion: This happens to be one of my favorites and the great thing is it can happen indoors or outdoors. Get your family together and have a reunion, bring a face painter in and you will have the reunion talking for years. Reunions are full of families and its always a perfect way to bring the children together

4. Elementary School Dance: Wouldn’t it be nice to have something going on while the kids are kinda getting out of the shyness. Its not secret that normally during elementary dances the kids may not dance right away, so have some things going on to kinda break the ice. Having a face painter does just that. The kids are listening to the music, while in line to get their faces done, once they have gotten a painting they are now loose to have a great time dancing. You can even theme the dance and have the painter only do butterflies, princesses or even dragons and snakes. Either way the kids will enjoy themselves and the parents will be pleased.

5. Classroom testing reward time: What better way to celebrate testing than having a face painter come to your school and reward then for all of their hard work. Find out the times when its best and you can even have the school send the face painter off to certain class rooms if they win a testing contest. This is a perfect way to motivate your student

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Here are 5 fantastic and creative ways to use a Face painter for your next family, company and school Indianapolis Indiana event.