Whether you need a event planner Indianapolis Indiana to help you with your initial concepts, Entertainment Agency Indianapolis can help you in a entertainment theme, program plans…or just want us to help you find the perfect party DJ Indianapolis Indiana to make your corporate event successful, we can help you anywhere along the event continuum from type of entertainment, to event development and ultimately execution.

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Live Concert Designed To Bring Cultures and the Community Together

Indianapolis, IN, Release: August 6, 2018. For Immediate Release


On Saturday, September 8, the world will be moving to the beat of The Circle City Music Fest, with five bands and 5 genres’ of music at the Theater At The Fort in Lawrence Township. The 5 bands will take the audience on a journey around the globe with playing genres’ of music we have grown to love: they will become passengers on a musical flight with the sounds of pop, neo-soul, heavy metal, rock and jazz.


The Circle City Music Fest at The Theater at The Fort welcomes music lovers of all ages and will introduce everyone to a unforgettable music experience.


“What better way to bring a wonderful community full of different cultures and nationalities then with a concert that represents different genres’ of music. After all the Arts is the perfect way to bring people together,” said Tiphanny Keyes the production manager for M Entertainment Agency.


The Circle City Music Fest will be September 8 at 7pm in Theater At The Fort. Advance Tickets $10 – $15 at the door and can be purchased online at https://www.ticketor.com/mentertainmentevent/tickets/circle-city-music-fest-130003#buy[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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“The 3 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring A Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana And How To Avoid Them!”


It is very, very, very rare for a entertainment agency to write this kind of article. Many other entertainers and entertainment agencies do NOT want you know this information. Please take the time to read it carefully. In fact, if you are – as I hope – very interested in making sure that your Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana is successful, then

I urge you to get comfortable, ask not to be disturbed, and STUDY this article – it IS that important! It reveals vital information that you NEED to know!


Dear Friend,


It’s shocking but true.


Every day, event planners and patrons hire entertainers that they should not be hiring. Entertainers, and entertainment agencies often lie about their qualifications, charge you a LOT more than they should, end up turning your important event into an embarrassment and put your reputation on the line by presenting sub-par performances.


Being over booking the entertainment for a small or large event is a DIFFICULT and STRESSFUL job. There are so many details that must be attended to. But here is the undeniable truth:




I realize that you might not believe that right now but think about it for a minute. When is the last time you remembered the dinner you had at any event? Did the centerpieces make the event memorable and successful?


Probably never.


The Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana is the “key” to a successful event, but here’s the problem…



Hire the wrong person and your event will be a flop. Hire someone who offends members of your audience and it is your reputation on the line. Overpay for an Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana who delivers a sub-par performance and all eyes will be looking at you.


This article is going to give you the inside-scoop on what some DJ’s do to unsuspecting event planners. You’ll be armed with the knowledge you need so you won’t be “taken” by these people.


In just a minute, I’m going to reveal what the 3 Biggest Mistakes are and how you can avoid them, but first let me answer a couple of questions that are probably on your mind:


Who Are You And Why Are You Revealing This Information?


My name is Tiphanny and I’m the production manager for M Entertainment Agency the only all-inclusive entertainment agency in the midwest. For the past 15 years our entertainers and services have been hired repeatedly by many companies including: St Vincents Hospital, Chic-Fil-A, Notre Dame University, Indiana University and more help making their event Unforgettable.


I’m revealing information that Party DJ’s don’t want you to know for two main reasons:


REASON #1: If you end up hiring a lousy Party DJ this closes the field not only to us but other competent professionals that can provide you with the perfect DJ for your event. Odds are, if the person you hire stinks, you’ll be very reluctant to hire a similar type of performer in the future.


REASON #2: We HATE to see bad performers rip people off and make event planners look bad. It puts a back eye on my profession.


Okay, now that you know who we are and why we’re doing this, let’s talk about the 3 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring A Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana…And How To Avoid Them!





Wow! This is a biggie.


Of course, price is a factor when hiring a performer. If you only have a $1,000 budget, you’re not going to be able to hire DJ Masterpiece from NY to come and DJ your event! However, many event planners place too much emphasis on price and not enough emphasis on the overall impact the Party DJ will have on their event.



Well, it certainly won’t be just “perception” if you hire someone who charges you thousands of dollars for a show that is, in reality, only worth a few hundred dollars and they “bomb”!


On the other hand, hiring the least expensive Party DJ is not always the best way to go either.


Comedians, DJ’s, and other performers are perceived as a dime a dozen- a commodity- by many event planners, and because of this they try to find the lowest priced performer.


The fact is that each performer is unique and, like in any other profession, there are entertainers who are great, some who are good, some mediocre, and some who should never be allowed on stage!


You need to base your decision on the DJ who will best fulfill your needs and help you to achieve your desired outcomes.


One way you can know whether an Party DJ is going to meet your needs is by whether or not he or she asks you what your needs are and what outcomes you want to achieve with your event. When you call them, do they just tell you how great their show is without finding out what you want and need?


How would you feel if you went to a doctor because you weren’t feeling well and the doctor instantly prescribed some medicine without first finding out what was wrong with you? It’s the same with entertainers and speakers. They should find out what you want and need first and see if they have a program that can fulfill those needs.




Many Party DJ’s are so desperate for work that they will say anything to get hired. They will tell you that they do things that they don’t, won’t, or can’t do. We’ll be talking about how to spot out these phonies and avoid ‘em like the plague in just a few minutes.


Bottom line: Decide what your budget range is, check out a number of performers in that budget range, and choose the best person regardless of price. If your budget is so small that you cannot find an excellent Party DJ, DO NOT HIRE ANYONE. It is far, far better to have no entertainer or speaker than it is to hire someone who is not good. Save your money and wait until you can afford someone who is outstanding.





Testimonials are of the utmost importance when hiring any Party DJ Indianapolis Indiana. In fact, they are of paramount importance. If a performer does not have a TON of great testimonials it means one of two things.


First, the performer is inexperienced and hasn’t worked professionally long enough to get testimonials. Second, the performer isn’t very good and can’t get any testimonials from his customers. In either case, this is a performer you probably don’t want to hire.


Yes, testimonials are critical. In fact, I have an arsenal of video, written and even telephone numbers of past clients of testimonials we use in our marketing. What people say about a performer is infinitely more important than what a performer says about himself or herself.



Discovering the truth is very easy. Ask the performer or entertainment agency to give you video, written or quotes from past clients. (I have a whole book of them that we send to our prospects upon request.) If the entertainer can’t produce at least some of the actual letters, you’ve caught ‘em! If a performer claims to have performed on a well-known television program, simply ask for a copy of the tape. If they don’t have it…well, you know.


Bottom Line: You should put a lot weight on performer’s testimonials when making your decision. Just make sure you are dealing with someone who is honest and ethical.





A performer’s testimonials are more important than their demo video, much more important. The problem with basing your decision solely on someone’s demo video is the fact that anyone can make themselves look good on video through editing and retake after retake.


Bottom line: A demo video can be a useful tool in helping you decide whether a performer is right for you but it should only be one the factors that contributes to your decision.


Well, there you have it. Obviously, if you’re a seasoned event planner you may have already known some of the secrets revealed in this report. But I hope you found a few gems that you can use to ensure that your next event turns out exactly as you want it so you get the applause, accolades, and acknowledgement that you so richly deserve.


If I can help you or you want to contact me, please call 866.230.9808.





Production Manager For M Entertainment Agency Indy


P.S. For more details about our entertainers and/or services go to www.EntertainmentAgencyIndy.com or call me at 866.230.9808.


PPS. Be sure to register for my FREE monthly email newsletter, “The Event Planner Advantage” at www.EntertainmentAgencyIndy.com.


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