Top 5 Reasons why you should hire a face painter for your Indianapolis Indiana Event.

I’ve been a Face painter for some time now and have experienced more than a few different events where a face painter scored high at the events…. These are the top 5 reasons that you should hire a face painter for your event.

  • Kids Birthday Party. Before you think of hiring a face painter for your child   birthday take into consideration the age of the child. I’ve done parties for almost all ages and the most challenging ones were children who are in the range of 1-3. A lot of the times these kids get tired early or really just don’t want to be bothered, and it’s nothing worse than a parent forcing their kids to get their face painted. The only way it can work is if the guest of the young children are older in age.
  • Youth Church event. There are tons of youth events that happen in churches all the time. One of my favorite events I did in Chicago Illinois was a Fundraiser. The first half of the event a lot of the actives in including the face painter. And might I add the face painter was a hit.
  • Fun Fridays at school. I remember having so much fun at these events. What happens is parents send in 5.00 for the kids to stay an extra hour after school and play games in the gym, there is usually a live DJ , lots of pizza and sweets and ME as a face painter
  • Daycare Fun. These were my favorites. The kids at the daycare look forward to having a private party with a face painter. After the naps they wake up and we are ready to paint with the theme of their choice.

  • Back to School Event. Usually these events are called “Pack a Back Pack” or Back Pack give away. These are super fun and are usually in the community and a few weeks before school. Along with other vendors and companies that are at these having a face painter is always the perfect touch.

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Before hiring a face painter for your next Indianapolis event discover the Top 5 reasons you should hire a face painter for you next event.