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3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Indianapolis Magician for your next corporate event.

Magic Magic Magic It’s a fun thing to watch when going to a magic show or even watching it on TV but having a Magician at your next event no matter what the event is will absolutely make your next event the talk of the year.

Its simple to just hire a magician and have them come in and do some tricks here and there, but wouldn’t it be great to know how you can really utilize your magician to enhance an already amazing event?

Here are the top 3 ways to use your Hired Indianapolis Indiana Magician for your corporate event

Strolling or Walk around Magic

This is probably the most popular ways of using your Magician. Depending on the event and what time of year it is happening having a strolling magician is one of the top ways to have the employees talking. Have the magician come during cocktail hour while drinks are being served and everyone is just coming in before dinner? Its usually in the lobby area of an event center or banquet hall. The magician gets the attention of the guest and wows them before dinner.

Have a 30 min magical stage performance:

Set your time for the Magician to do a performance during dinner. While the guest are eating the magic is happening on the stage. They get a dinner show and that is priceless. You get to enjoy this event along with a magic show that will be sure to have your guess laughing and enjoying the night. Usually one performance runs about 30 minutes which now gives the catering staff time to get ready for dessert.

Split the time of the Magic shows.

If 30 minutes of a show does not work for your event, then you can split the show in 2 and do 2 15 minute performances. You can have one happen during dinner and then one more once dessert is served. This way everyone is able to enjoy each part of the show. This also helps if some guest didn’t make it on time to the event and maybe missed the first show.

With these amazing ideas for a Magician to entertain at your next Indianapolis Indiana corporate event you are sure to  have the office talking about this event for years to come.

For more entertainment ideas for your next corporate event visit: https://entertainmentagencyindy.com/live-entertainment-indianapolis-ideas/

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Discover 3 out-the-box live entertainment ways to use a magician for your next Indianapolis Indiana corporate event. These ideas will make your event fun.