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Party Planner Indianapolis Reveals The Key points to hiring the right speaker or entertainer for you event.

In every school in America, many students dread the time they need to sit down and listen to the speaker talk about bullying and give a anti bully rah rah speech; unfortunately 8 out of 10 students that listen to the average anti bully speaker daydream and forget 90% of what the speaker was talking about.

“Finding the right anti bully and character education speaker that will make a big impact and deliver a unforgettable message that will change culture of your school and community is no small task, but is very important to get the right anti bully speaker, if you want to motivate the student of this era.” says Speakers Bureau Indianapolis Production Manager of MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis Tiphanny. “To avoid failure of choosing a bad speaker for your assembly, youth rally or anti bully event. It’s easy steps that can be taken.”

What questions every event planner should ask a anti bully speaker before hiring them to speak at their youth event:

  • Do you have testimonials from clients that fit our profile?
  • What type of entertainment do you use to keep the audience engage?
  • Is your material relevant to the issues of what today’s students are going through?
  • Do you have any materials that we may be able to give to our students, to reinforce your anti bully message?
  • Can your presentation fit in any part of our event?
  • Do you have any presentations that can be presented to our teachers, staff and parents in a breakout session?

Event Planner Indianapolis Tiphanny is the production manager for MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis with over 15 years experience presenting presentations for associations and companies throughout the world. She is a Party Planner Indianapolis  expert and author of two top selling books,Event Planner Indianapolis Tricks & Tips, How to save time and money if you’ve been elected to beParty Planners Indianapolis.

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