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The best Halloween and Fall Festival idea to make your event memorable

The fall time is the best and Im going to tell you why.

I can remember when I was a kid and loved fall time. Oh it was so many things to do when that time of year came around. Even though sometimes in the early morning you had a small wind chill, we loved seeing the leaves from the tree’s, the smell of them burning in the afternoon and the colors nature made on each one. Every day was different. This time of year we also had a lot of community events that were going on that it made us even more excited to watch the season of fall come back around. As a family we turned Fall time into a tradition.

We loved fall festivals and Halloween events . It was a local mall in our home town that our parents would take us to every single year during the fall time . It was actually one of the highlights of the year in that city. The whole city would attend this very event. We would dress up in our favorite costumes and walk around the mall and gather candy from the stores who were giving them out and explore all of the different things that were going on. Bounce houses, magic shows, food like popcorn and hot dogs, and even live DJ’s and Bands. You had all types of vendors with their fall products but nothing made our night so amazing then having a face painter.

Almost everyone knew that as soon as we saw a line the face painter Indianapolis was in attendance. They painted almost anything you wanted.
That year I went dressed as Minnie Mouse and the face painter Indianapolis made my face Minnie Mouse which completed my custom. We were so happy. My brother wanted to be the incredible hulk so he worn a green outfit and the face painter Indianapolis turned his face into his dream custom.

We had tons of fun and always looked forward to this event every year. It didn’t matter if we had to wait in line. Having the face painter Indianapolis their made the event all the better.

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