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Youth Leadership Speaker Indianapolis Tells Parents to take responsibility, and Stop letting the “Streets” teach your child about leadership.

It’s sad but very true that the streets and the world are the ones responsible for all the craziness this has went on in the world. Bullying, massive killings, and even drop outs. Being a single mother is at an all time high and not having traditional households like it was a long time ago, a lot of our youth lacks leadership. No matter the age, or gender, only a small portion of them show leadership roles let alone know what the word leadership means.

“How can we expect these students to grow up and have no idea how to leading life” says Jamahl Keyes -The Magic Motivator and youth leadership speaker Indianapolis expert. “Since the parents are not at home and not able to teach them what a leader is and train them it is now up to the schools to take over this part of their lives. Jamahl Keyes-The magic Motivator, author, speaker and  youth leadership speaker Indianapolis expert ,who has been all over the world with his award winning Youth leadership presentation has created a presentation along with a circulliam to start the Youth Leadership building in the schools. “Along with taking general studies, schools need to bring presentations such as the Youth Leadership Presentation to be a part of their everyday studies! Doing well in math will never have anything on leadership and life skills and life skill are just as important as doing well in school!”

28 year teacher Mrs. Hawk from Brownlee Middle school in Plainfield stated “It have been years since I have been able to just teach and not have to worry about what might go on in my class room. Having  Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator author, speaker and  youth leadership speaker Indianapolis expert  youth Leadership Presentations has been a dream come true. The kids are very receptive to him and the presentation and the teachers are able to follow up with it in the classrooms with workbooks, DVD’s and questions even after he is gone. It’s the best investment we made for the school, and now I have hope.”

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